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Action A.1

Set up of a database on rocky habitat biodiversity and economic evaluation of ecosystem services

This preparatory action unfolds in two ways:
1) by organizing and critically evaluating the available data on rocky habitats (tegnùe) biodiversity;
2) by reviewing literature on the economic evaluation of similar marine ecosystems to establish a framework that will be used in the contingent evaluation (Action D2).

Action A.1.1

Set up of a biodiversity database

Duration: July 2013-October 2013

  • To collect scientific publications, technical reports and grey literature.
  • To chart the literature according to the type of information contained.
  • To update the species nomenclature.
  • To draw up a data set.
  • To upload the database onto the project website.

Responsibility for implementation: CNR-ISMAR

Action A.1.2

Set up of the economic valuation

Duration: August 2013-March 2014

  • To review the literature on the economic assessment of marine ecosystems similar to the Tegnùe and of their marine biodiversity.
  • To identify the main functions and ecosystem services associated with Tegnùe habitats.
  • To organize focus groups to involve key stakeholders and the community, identify the valuation scenario and gauge their knowledge, preferences and attitudes related to these ecosystems.

Responsibility for implementation: IUAV






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