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Founded in 2012 in Salerno (Italy), the company is skilled at recycling fishnets out of discarded and/or confiscated materials. The company is committed to recovering plastic fishnets, proposing a closed circle and sustainable system for discarded and/or seized fishnets, which cause the Italian ports several management problems. As to their know-how, Omega Plastic claims that the Department of Marine Environment of the Ministry for the Environment views this initiative as valid and worthy of attention, making their contribution normative-technical.

 The Company has the following objectives:

  •  to retrieve fishnets in ports for free;
  • to transport the nets to their head office in Battipaglia;
  • to store the nets according to their different polymers, to reduce their volume by cutting, triturating and packaging, and later to select the products obtained (they are still waste) according to the different types of polymer;
  • to send the packaged nets to authorized companies to be extruded and polymerized to obtain raw material that can be reintroduced into the plastics industry; 
  • to propose a virtuous, controlled chain for materials that normally cause problems to all Italian and foreign ports;
  • to recycle end-of-life materials that are otherwise scheduled for incineration or landfill; 
  • to recover waste materials that, once selected and properly treated, can be reused as raw materials in the production cycle and have new, important market value.

Omega Plastic have also submitted a patent application for utility model no. SA2013U000006 filed on 04.04.2013 to the Ministry for Economic Development - Italian Patent and Trademark Office, in which it proposes to use low-cost procedures that are easy to use, so that transferring, collecting and treating fishnets can benefit all stakeholders, fishermen, port authorities, the agents appointed to recovery and treatment and, particularly, the environment.

Web site: www.omegaplastic.it

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. '; document.getElementById('cloak53798').innerHTML += ''+addy_text53798+'<\/a>'; //-->

We like it because:

  • The Company has submitted a patent request to safeguard the environment;
  • Their objectives are clear;
  • The Company carries out a closed virtuous circle strategy that includes collection, treatment and recycling of abandoned and/or confiscated fishnets.





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