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 Established in 1996 in the Netherlands, STAR SOCK is a sock company. It produces sport, outdoor and work socks, and it is a licensee for several well-known sock labels. The company sells over 15 million pairs of socks every year.

STAR SOCK’S mission is to use innovative and sustainable approaches. Respect for the environment is one of their top priorities, and their philosophy relies on four Ps: Professional, Positive, Passion and Pleasure.

 What sets STAR SOCK apart can be summarized in four key points:

  •  They are licensees and partners of important brands such as Lotto, Dakar and New Balance;
  • They are one of the founding partners of the Healthy Seas initiative, which strives to remove waste, like fishnets, from the seas. These nets will be upcycled into new ECONYL® yarn from which they manufacture their socks;
  • They have the exclusive license to produce and sell socks made with ECONYL®;
  • They offer competitively priced, high-quality socks made as sustainably as possible.

 The company has committed to producing the most sustainable socks by 2020 using recycled material. The first step was to establish the Healthy Seas Initiative and use old fishnets to produce new yarns. STAR SOCK is committed to reducing their environmental impact across the supply chain (less energy, less water, fewer chemicals, less packaging, efficient logistics and offices), and to produce socks under fair labor conditions in compliance with the Company's Code of Labor Practices, based on ILO conventions and the UN’s Declaration on Human Rights.

Web site: www.starsock.nl

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We like it because:

  • The company has adopted sustainable production principles;
  • Being a partner of the Healthy Seas initiative is a clear commitment towards contributing to save our seas from ghost fishing problems;
  • The company is a member of the BSCI, a business-driven monitoring initiative aimed to improve working conditions in global supply.






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