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Networking activities with LIFE-Mermaids

The collaboration with the project LIFE Mermaids is leading to interesting results concerning the quantification of microplastic produced by the ghost nets and the dissemination of the results achieved by the two projects.

On 4 November 2016, a workshop entitled “Mitigation of Microplastics Impact Caused by textile washing processes” was held at the headquarters of the CNR-ISMAC (Mermaid partner) in Milan. The activities carried out by LIFE-MERMAIDS project,  focused on the development of technologies suitable to reduce the release of microplastics from synthetic clothing in the washing machine drain, have been presented as well as the networking activities undertaken with a number of projects (including LIFE-GhOST) aimed at identifying the best technical and management solutions for the mitigation of microplastics environmental contamination. The GHOST coordinator, invited to give a speech, showed the results achieved by GHOST project, highlighting which strategies should be adopted for a proper eco-sustainable management of the ghost nets.

In the framework of THEMES international conference “Measuring, Modelling and Predicting Marine Environments: State of the Art and Challenges”, organized by Cà Foscari University in Venice (23-25 November 2016), Dr. Sara Gavignano  (Mermaids team) presented the results of some experiments carried out in the framework of the networking activities between the two projects aimed at quantifying the microplastics released by the ghost nets retrieved from north Adriatic seabed.

Last News

Goodbye to plastic. Are we ready?

Goodbye to plastic. Are we ready?

Posted 11-Jan-2019

Are we ready to live without plastic? Andrea Bettini of RaiNews realized an interesting video (in Italian language) on...

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End of year, time of evaluations

End of year, time of evaluations

Posted 20-Dec-2018

The After Life activity of the GHOST project continues to give us great satisfaction. During these last two years...

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LIFE-GHOST at “Venezia blu: plastica a mare” Conference

LIFE-GHOST at “Venezia blu: plastica a…

Posted 18-Dec-2018

On Sunday 16th December a conference on plastic waste and marine litter, was held at the suggestive Church...

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Climathon Venice -  Let’s  plan together a more sustainable future for Venice!

Climathon Venice - Let’s …

Posted 14-Nov-2018

On 25th and 26th October the third edition of Climathon Venice took place at the VEGA, Venice Science...

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Round table of the LIFE KTE EnvHealth network

Round table of the LIFE KTE…

Posted 31-Oct-2018

On Friday 26th October a round table, intitled "The network of LIFE projects: LIFE KTE EnvHealth Network -...

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GHOST project at ESCPB Conference

GHOST project at ESCPB Conference

Posted 31-Oct-2018

From 9th  to 12th September, the 31th Congress of the New European Society for Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry...

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Bins to dispose obsolete fishing waste have been finally established in Venice

Bins to dispose obsolete fishing waste…

Posted 24-Jul-2018

The GHOST team is really excited to announce that recently (June 2018) the Municipality of Venice approved its...

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Marine litter: several dissemination activities carried out by the GHOST team

Marine litter: several dissemination activities carried…

Posted 02-May-2018

Weeks full of events for the students! Between March and April, the GHOST team realized dissemination activities specifically...

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“Il mare addosso” Project: the creative recycling of fishing nets

“Il mare addosso” Project: the creative…

Posted 17-Apr-2018

On Friday, April 13, Nicoletta Nesto and Vanessa Moschino of the GHOST team held the last seminars of...

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