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The Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries is now online

The code of good practices to limit the loss and abandonment of fishing gear at sea, implemented under the GHOST project, is aimed at promoting among fishermen and fish/shellfish farmers procedures and conduct likely to contribute to the sustainable management of their equipment both from the environmental and economic point of view. The Italian version of this document (which is soon translated into English) is available as Annex and in the download section of the project website. The code was developed by sharing its content with the fishery operators and their representatives of the Veneto region, who were able to confront and express their opinions during the three meetings organized in Caorle, Chioggia and Pila di Porto Tolle (with the support of Unioncoop).

Last News

Biennale Democrazia – A plastic ocean

Biennale Democrazia – A plastic ocean

Posted 11-Apr-2017

In the magnificent Sala dei Mappamondi (Accademia delle Scienze), at the Biennale Democrazia a cultural event promoted by...

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First meeting of the technical working group coordinated by Veneto region

First meeting of the technical working…

Posted 07-Apr-2017

On 20th of March the first meeting of the technical working group established by Veneto region to decline...

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Ca'Foscari  students visited ISMAR

Ca'Foscari students visited ISMAR

Posted 24-Mar-2017

On 13th and 17th of March, undergraduate students of Applied Ecology (Environmental Sciences Degree, Ca' Foscari University), with...

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GHOST goes to school!

GHOST goes to school!

Posted 13-Mar-2017

On March 3rd Vanessa Moschino and Nicoletta Nesto held a seminar on marine litter at the Liceo Scientifico...

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The Veneto region established a working group to decline at regional level operational recommendations drawn up under the project LIFE-GHOST

The Veneto region established a working…

Posted 21-Feb-2017

The Councillor for Agriculture, Hunting and Fishing, Dr Giuseppe Pan, is committed to promoting at the Regional Government...

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Networking activities with LIFE-Mermaids

Networking activities with LIFE-Mermaids

Posted 12-Dec-2016

The collaboration with the project LIFE Mermaids is leading to interesting results concerning the quantification of microplastic produced...

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The GHOST Project reached its goal

The GHOST Project reached its goal

Posted 28-Oct-2016

On October 20, the final conference of the project GHOST was held at the Congress Center Don Orione...

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LIFE-GHOST  Final Conference

LIFE-GHOST Final Conference

Posted 21-Sep-2016

The final conference of the project will be held on October 20 in Venice, at the Congress Centre...

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Technical guidelines for the sustainable management of ghost nets submitted to Veneto Region

Technical guidelines for the sustainable management…

Posted 31-Aug-2016

Thanks to the Regional Councillor Ms E. Baldin, who shared the project conclusions and the technical recommendations identified...

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